Coaching — jump start for independent achievement

Coaching means a goal-oriented accompaniment of people for the self-directed realization of a wish or the solution of a problem in the professional environment. The main goal is to learn to better master the challenges in the profession.
You will receive tailor-made concepts for your professional development and your success. You define the goals. We supported you when activating your resources for change and implementing your goals. The consultation includes various 

In preparation for coaching, we work out the actual situation through preliminary talks.
Then in the coaching process, we define your desires and goals, determine the stages on the way to your goal, work out 

implementation strategies and provide you with very specific implementation aids. Your perspective and focus shifts from your weaknesses to your strengths.
The aim of coaching is that you will have the ability to transform your dreams into achievable goals.

The duration of the individual coaching is tailored to your needs: from the four-hour “kick-off coaching” up to deadline day, as a single „jump start“ or as an accompaniment for several months.

Resolve processes of change independently and focused on the future by making use of coaching!