Creativity in thought and action

Finding solutions at a high level

Constant changes, World-of-Work 4.0, nothing remains as it is. Flexibility and creativity help in dealing with change processes.

Our seminar helps you to promote your creative potential. You get suggestions on how your mental capacity can increase innovation, problem solving, and change skills. Achieve more flexibility in thought and action by promoting creative skills and purposeful use of creativity and problem-solving techniques, as well as learning and memory techniques:

Learning and recognition techniques:

  • Brain and memory
  • Perception or learning type
  • Know and apply learning strategies and recognition techniques
  • Mind styles and lines of thought
  • Power of thoughts

Creative techniques:

  • Creative skills and creativity techniques
  • Conscious use of different thought principles
  • Association techniques
  • Recognising your own thought patterns
  • Dealing with dogmas
  • Take perspective change
  • Think differently and develop mental flexibility
  • Focus on the positive


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